CSE 122 Lab 1 : Familiarizing with the lab and measuring instruments

Topics covered in the lab includes

  • Introduction to trainer board
    • Switches
    • Meters
    • Voltage source
    • Function generator
  • Introduction to breadboard
  • Introduction to multimeters (VOltmeter, Ammeter, and ohmmeter)
  • Introduction to Oscilloscope
  • Connection of Voltmeter
  • Connection of Ammeter
  • Connection of Ohmmeter
  • Measuring voltage using voltmeter
  • Measuring resistance using ohmmeter
  • Measuring current using ammeter (With a simple resistance and source)
  • Calibrating oscilloscope
  • Visualizing signal using an oscilloscope
    • Measuring Amplitude and frequency using oscilloscope
    • Saving oscilloscope screen to a pen-drive

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