CSE 321 Spring 2021 Presentation Topics

The following are the groups and topics for presentation. Each group will get 5 minutes to present their topic. In case of a 3-member group, the time allocated will be 6 minutes. For a multi-member group, presentation time for each member must be equidistributed. The schedule for the presentation will be announced later.

Some instructions on the presentation:

  • The presentation will be taken via zoom and will also be recorded.
  • During the presentation, the presenter must keep their video on. It is therefore advised that students wear decent attire and present in a formal manner.
  • A slide must be prepared using PowerPoint or similar presentation software. The slide deck also must be submitted.
  • The presentation will be graded for 10 marks and will be scaled later as necessary.
  • Grading criterion for presentation will include but not limited to:
    • Quality of content of the presentation.
    • Quality of visuatization of data in slide deck.
    • Ability to stick to the topic of the presentation.
    • The presentation style of the presenter.
  • Any plagiarism will be severely penalized.

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