CHE 101 Summer 2020 Presentation topics and groups

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The following are the groups and topics for presentation. Each group will get 5 minutes to present their topic. In case of a 3-member group, the time allocated will be 6 minutes. For a multi-member group,  presentation time for each member must be equidistributed. The schedule for the presentation will be announced later.

Some instructions on the presentation:

  • The presentation will be taken via zoom and will also be recorded.
  • During the presentation, the presenter must keep their video on. It is therefore advised that students wear decent attire and present in a formal manner.
  • A slide must be prepared using PowerPoint or similar presentation software. The slide deck also must be submitted.
  • The presentation will be graded for 10 marks and will be scaled later as necessary.
  • Grading criterion for presentation will include but not limited to:
    • Quality of content of the presentation.
    • Quality of visuatization of data in slide deck.
    • Ability to stick to the topic of the presentation.
    • The presentation style of the presenter.
  • Any plagiarism will be severely penalized.
Group Student Reg Student Name Topic
1 200103020001 Masud Hasan Jamil Solar as Renewable Source
200103020002 Mostafa Mohsin Chowdhury
2 200103020006 Md. Ahad Boksh Wind as Renewable source
200103020007 Talha Uddin Al- Amin
3 200103020010 Abdullah Al Mamun Chemicals Used in daily Life: Soda
200103020013 Md. Arafat Rahman
4 200103020003 Jannatul Ferdous Jannah Chemistry of LCD
200103020015 Zakera Noor Mozumder Srabony
5 200103020011 Makhlisur Rahman Munna Food Preservatives
200103020012 Anikur Rahman
6 200103020008 Sumaya Jahan Food Flavours
200103020014 Effath Gajan Sayma
7 200103020016 Samia Aktar Sumaia Commonly Used Acids in daily life
200103020017 Akhi Sarker
8 200103020018 Md. Gulam Rabbani Joy Hydroelectricity
200103020026 Sourov Dey
9 200103020019 Tahida Khanom Dye
200103020045 Farhana Haque Tanni
10 200103020020 SK. Safayat Samir Effect of CFCs on Ozone layer
200103020060 Jahed Ahmed
11 200103020022 Abida Akter Nadia Nuclear power as alternative fuel
200103020024 Jannatul Ferdous Mim
12 200103020028 Mansura Mokbul Tidal Power as Alternative fuel
200103020030 Tanjum Amin Prethy
13 200103020029 MD.Jahidul Islam Purification of silicon for semiconductor industry
200103020033 Prince Chakrabarty
200103020063 Pritom Paul
14 200103020027 Noyon Das Joy Use of Geothermal Energy
200103020031 Md. Fuadul Islam
15 200103020032 Tanjina Akther Mitu Catalytic Converter
200103020036 Mian Junnah
16 200103020034 Rajon Paul Harmful effect of soap on environment
200103020035 Tahmiduzzaman
17 200103020037 Sudip Kumar Dey Food preservatives
200103020038 Md. Aiyub Ali
18 200103020039 Joynul Hussain Commonly used acids in household
200103020042 MD.Rabiur Rahman
19 200103020040 Shahi Tasniya Sarmin Marjia Solar as alternative fuel
200103020046 Shammi Begum
20 200103020041 Sudipto Chakrabarty Biofuel
200103020043 Aminul Islam Roni
21 200103020049 Maruf Ahmed Wind as alternative fuel
200103020052 Chowdhury Qurshed Ibn Abdul Batin
22 200103020050 Mirza Shafiur Rahman Food flavours
200103020053 Jafree Abdullah
23 200103020048 Aysha Akter Asha Effect of CFCs on Ozone layer
200103020054 Fahima Ahther  Moni
200103020058 Nusrat Haque Neela
24 200103020057 Sabbir Ahmed Shaon Hydroelectricity
200103020059 Joytush Das
200103020064 Yousuf Ahmed Hridoy

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