CSE 432 Spring 2019 Lab 8

Task #1 Importing audio into MATLAB Audio can be imported into MATLAB using audioread()or wavread()functions. The example below shows importing a sound and plotting it. clear close all clc [y, Fs, nbits]=wavread(‘Tuning fork 1’); sample=length(y); totaltime=sample/Fs; t=1:sample; t=t/Fs; y_fft = abs(fft(y));           y_fft = y_fft(1:sample/2);     f = Fs*(0:sample/2-1)/sample; figure plot(t,y) figure plot(f, y_fft)   Task #2

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CSE 432 Spring 2019 Lab 7

Task 1 More symbolic algebra %Lab 7 task 1 close all clear clc syms x y; y=x^2 + 5*x + 6; fplot(‘x^3 + 5*x^2+9*x + 6’, [-50 50]) figure ezplot(‘1+cos(x)’) figure ezpolar(‘x^3 + 5*x^2+9*x + 6’) figure ezpolar(‘1+cos(x)’) Task 2 Laplace transform and Inverse Laplace transform in Matlab %Lab 7 task 2 : Laplace and

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Chemistry Lecture 5 update

There has been some mistakes in the original lecture sheet for lecture 5 of CHE 101. The examples and exercise are intended to be from Chemistry 10th edition by raymond change instead of general chemistry book by the same writer. The updated lecture sheet has been updated. Kindly check the updated lecture sheet and do

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CSE 432 Spring 2019 Lab 6

Task 1 Algebra in MATLAB Solving single variable equation Solving multi variable equation Solving Simultaneous equation Using roots and polyval function Using expand function to expand algebraic expression Using simplify function to simplify algebraic expression Using factor function to factorize algebraic expression %Lab 6 Basig algebra using symbolic toolbox close all clear clc a=solve(‘x-5=0’); disp(a);

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CSE 432 Spring 2019 Lab 5

February 24, 2019

Task 1 Complex numbers in matlab. Complex number mathematics (Addition Subtraction) in Matlab. %Lab 5 close all clear clc j=sqrt(-1); a=5; b=6; c=a+j*b; d=3+j*9; x=5*c+6*d; disp(real(x)); disp(imag(x)); disp(abs(x)); disp(angle(x)); Task 2 Sin and cosine component of a complex numbers. %Lab 5 close all clear clc j=sqrt(-1); f=1; w=2*pi*f; fs=100; t=0:1/fs:5; y=exp(j*w*t); figure plot(t,real(y)); title(‘real Part

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CHE 101 Spring 2019 Tutorial 1 Marks

February 20, 2019

  Sec a Reg Name Test 1 170103020003 Mahin Ahmed Qureshi 2.5 170103020005 Tania Sultana 5 170103020007 Shoriful Islam Sayem 3 170103020009 Palash Barmon 5 170103020013 Syed JafrulHusen 5 170103020015 Ruhul Amin 4 170103020017 Md. Abu Shahan 3.5 170103020019 Shah Jahan Chowdhury A 170103020025 Sanjida Ahmed 4.5 170103020029 Guru Prashad Chanda Dip 4.5 170103020033 Md.

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CSE 432 Spring 2019 Lab 4

February 18, 2019

Task 1 Plotting a Unit Impulse Function % Unit Impulse function close all clear clc a=1; %Defining amplitude fs=1; t=-10:1/fs:10; impl=zeros(1,length(t)); for i=1:length(t) if t(i)==0 impl(i)=1; else impl(i)=0; end end figure ; stem(t,impl) Task 2 Plotting a Unit Ramp Function % Unit ramp function close all clear clc a=1; %Defining amplitude fs=1; t=-10:1/fs:10; rmp=zeros(1,length(t)); for

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