CSE 431 : Digital Signal Processing

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Recommended Books

The following Books are main textbooks that will be followed throughout the course

  1. Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications – John G. Proakis andDimitris G. Manolakis, 4th edition. (Proakis)
  2. DSP First – James H. McClellan, Ronald W. Schafer and Mark A. Yoder , 2nd edition. (McClellan)
  3. Understanding Digital Signal Processing – Richard G. Lyons , 3rd edition. (Lyons)
  4. The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing – Steven W. Smith (smith) [WEB]
  5. Discrete-Time signal processing – Alan V. Openheim, Ronald W. Schafer, 2nd edition. (Openheim)
  6. Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Approach – Emmanuel C. Ifeachor (Ifeachor)

Additionally from time to time different books may be followed. In such cases, the name of the books will be mentioned.