CSE 322 Fall 2018 Lab 1

October 2, 2018

Problem #1 General structure of Assembly code and printing characters. //Solution .MODEL small .STACK 100h .DATA .CODE MAIN PROC mov ah, 2 mov dl, 41h int 21h mov dl, 0ah int 21h mov dl, 0dh int 21h mov dl, 41h int 21h ENDP MAIN end MAIN Proiblem #2 Input and output of characters //Solution .MODEL

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CSE 322 Summer 2018 Lab 11

August 23, 2018

Problem 1 (Chapter 10 question 9) Write a program that uses XLAT to (a) read a line of text, and (b)print It on the next line with all small letters converted to capitals. The Input line may contain any characters-small letters, capital, letters, digit characters, punctuation, and so on. //Code To be done by students

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